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Making an Appointmentdiary and pen

As of July 2019, I practise in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, by appointment only.

UK patients, please text/WhatsApp or Facetime 07931 375 163 to arrange follow up appointments.

If you would like to see me as a new patient in Buderim, please call 07 5370 9423 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Concessions are available if necessary for students, pensioners and those receiving benefits.


Initial appointments


Follow-up appointments

   Allow 2 hours    allow an hour  
   Allow 1½ - 2 hours    allow up to an hour  

After making an appointment, I will email you a patient history form.  Please print it out, to complete by hand and bring with you. You will also be sent a map and directions for your convenience.

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What is homeopathy?    

pestle and mortarHomeopathy is a safe and scientific form of medicine, which treats the whole person (i.e. mental, emotional and physical) and is based on an ancient principle of healing - that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. The body’s self-healing mechanisms are stimulated by the administration of small solutions of substances (usually animal, plant or mineral based) which can cause similar symptoms to those being suffered. Medicine is given in the form of pills, tablets or liquid drops. More details  

The aim of treatment is to produce a better state of overall health in the individual, and in homeopathy this is best achieved by giving a homeopathic medicine that closely or exactly matches as many symptoms as possible expressed by the patient. This exact match is called a “Simillimum”.

Remedy bottlesI treat you the patient, not a disease name or label. I need to understand you and how you experience your complaints, how they affect you, and anything else that influences you in your world.  I look for a good remedy for you which will help to rebalance your system and find a way back to health.

A suitable homeopathic remedy stimulates your immune system to correct any imbalances.

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How long will treatment take?

CalendarHomeopathic treatment addresses underlying causes of disease and does not just mask the symptoms. 

Treatment can be like a game of golf.  It is possible (but not so common) to get a hole in one – i.e. to get the perfect remedy, first time.  What is more usual is to have a gradual improvement of your health, the closer you get to the golfing green.  After a time, when the homeopath better understands the patient’s case, and their most similar remedy is identified, then the most significant improvement is often seen.

Consultations generally become less frequent, and less homeopathic medication is required. Some people like to return every 3 to 6 months or so to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

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What does the homeopath do?

A homeopath notes the symptoms of the body and personal characteristics and sensitivities, and matches these with the characteristics, sensitivities and symptoms of relevant homeopathic remedies.   There are several thousand homeopathic remedies and up-to-date homeopathic software (I use Synergy) is used to select a relevant remedy and potency(power or strength). At the follow-up appointment, any changes in symptoms are monitored and the remedy or potency may be adjusted.  

Each individual has his or her own particular way of expressing dis-ease: mental, emotional or physical, or a combination of these. 


Mental symptoms – inability to concentrate or poor memory;

Emotional symptoms – never recovering from the death of a loved one, or jealousy;

Physical symptoms – anything from headaches to period pains, indigestion to skin complaints which can be experienced in many different ways: e.g. burning, stabbing or tearing.

For every individual, there will be a unique combination of symptoms which may change over time.  Treatment is chosen according to the symptoms.

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What is the evidence to show that homeopathy works?    


Nobel Laureate Montagnier takes homeopathy seriously

Homeopathy works 'on the principle of nanotechnology'

Homeopathic Research Institute 

Society of Homeopaths: Research evidence 

Faculty of Homeopathy: Research evidence

Clinical Outcome Research in Homeopathy

AYUSH Research Portal

Database of Positive Homeopathy Research Studies

Recent homeopathy research and news

Veterinary Clinical Research Database for Homeopathy

National Research Centre for Homeopathy (USA)

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How can homeopathy help?

sneezingRecent, acute conditions such as flu, colds and injuries tend to be self limiting and your body will heal itself, given time.  In these cases, remedies can be given to promote the healing process and shorten the recovery time.

Longer term, chronic diseases are more complicated and reflect the body’s inability to heal itself, often due to stress or circumstance.

In these situations, the case taking process is more detailed and involves describing the history of the illness, any causative factors, your personal health history, and any particular sensitivities you may haveplastercast

Homeopathic consultations allow plenty of time for you to discuss all aspects of your health and treatment may be chosen to counterbalance the effects of stressful events.

Once an in-depth analysis has taken a place, a remedy will be selected which is appropriate to you as an individual, rather than for the illness itself.

rashYou are encouraged to seek appropriate medical diagnosis and advice.  However homeopathic treatment may work well where there are pains or strange sensations that have no apparent pathological reason.

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What happens during treatment?

Homeopaths notice that after taking the remedy some patients experience a period of well being and optimism. Sometimes however, symptoms can appear to get worse for a short time - this often a good sign that the remedy is taking effect.  Sometimes a cold, rash or some form of discharge may appear as a 'spring cleaning' effect. Similarly, old symptoms can reappear, usually for a short period. It is useful to make some notes as changes occur to take to the follow-up appointment. More information 

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What is good health?

vitality3Good health is not necessarily absence of symptoms but the ability of the body to respond appropriately to threats to health and recover to a well-balanced state.

Since medicine began, it has been recognised that the human organism has a capacity for self healing.  This has been recognised in many ancient cultures and given names such as “prana” in India, “ch’i” in China, and in Europe, the “vital force”.   In modern medical terminology, it could be referred to as the “immune system”, which encompasses the PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune) responses.

It is that thing within us which helps us to respond appropriately to changes in our environment, by mobilising our own defences, helped by rest, fresh air and the right foods.

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medicationCan I stop my medication?

If you want to reduce your medication, you are advised to discuss this with your GP or consultant.  You can report side effects of any medication directly to the MHRA.

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Isn’t it just placebo?  

Many of those who don’t understand the science of homeopathy attribute any improvement, or cures, to the “placebo effect”. 

However there are many cases around the world, where a patient will try many homeopathic remedies, sometimes over many years, without improvement.  The changes seen when they do receive the most appropriate homeopathic remedy can be profound.

The other answer to this question is seen in results from animals, babies and even plants.  They get better too, when they receive a remedy which best reflects their symptoms.

Watch BBC QED's 'Magic or Medicine' 1991

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Treatment of children

childrenHomeopaths observe that children often respond well to homeopathic treatment because their natural energy allows clear symptoms and characteristics to be observed and generates a strong response to the treatment. More information

During a consultation children are made welcome with toys and art materials, are encouraged to talk about themselves and their symptoms and to act naturally. 

I will ask about their appetite, sleeping patterns, personality, reactions and behaviour as well as their symptoms to help me find a matching homeopathic treatment.  Homeopathic medicines are easy for children to take, in the form of pleasant tasting dissolving tablets or liquid drops.  

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4 good reasons to see a homeopath

vitality11.  You’re ill and you want to get well.

This is the classic reason why people go to a homeopath. Homeopathic treatment encourages natural holistic health and wellbeing.

 2. You get well and you want to stay well when new symptoms arise.

Once you’re recovered from a specific problem other symptoms may crop up, which homeopathic treatment may be able to help with as well. Contact me if you are unsure.

 3. When well, homeopathy patients often find they function better, achieve more, have better relationships and have a better quality of life.

'Patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably. These effects persist for as long as 8 years'

 4. If everyone were operating in this enhanced way, with better feelings, better relationships and freedom from pain, they would have a better attitude to life, their fellow man, and the world at large.

Imagine, polite and considerate colleagues, service providers and professionals, caring and concerned neighbours and neighbourhoods: a better world for all of us. Recommend homeopathic treatment.

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PregnancyHomeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and are safe for symptoms during pregnancy. More information 

Women report that they find homeopathic medicines are helpful in labour, they may reduce pain and ease anxieties and can promote recovery afterwards.



Helios Childbirth KitMums-to-be and their birth partners may benefit from the use of the Helios Homeopathy Birth kit (DH18C) of the homeopathic medicines that are most commonly used during and after delivery for up to one month from two weeks before delivery due date. I supply kits to purchase and give training and support in their use.

One double-blind French study* showed homeopathic medicine reduced both childbirth time and abnormal labour.

mother and babyFee: £40/$75 for one hour's discussion and training.

For a free initial discussion text 07931 375 163 (UK) or 07 5370 9423 (Australia), or  contact me


*Dorfman P, Lassere NM, Tetau M, “Homoeopathic Medicines in Pregnancy and Labor,” Cahiers de Biotherapie, 94, April 1987, 77-81.

According to this double blind study, women who were treated homeopathically averaged 5.1 hours in labour, while those given a placebo averaged 8.5 hours in labour. 40 percent of the placebo-treated women experienced abnormal labour, compared to only 11.3% of those women treated homeopathically.

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